About US

Mayan World Ecotourism is a socially responsible company with a deep concern for preserving the environment and promote one of the most important ancient cultures that flourished on our planet, through guided interactive tours that allow us to have direct contact with nature and the remains of the Maya civilization and its current inhabitants. It is precisely this fusion of Mayan culture with the world today which makes this great meeting of cultures and nature.


romeo palacio, fundadorThe founder, creator and general manager of World Ecotourism Maya Mexican father, a civil engineer graduated from the UNAM with a Masters in Environmental Engineering, but above all a lover of nature, culture and history, has spent the last ten years of his life to travel and study each of the corners of the Mayan world and its natural environment and new civilizations which have impacted.


Put us in the international tourism market as the best option gives our customers a complete cultural enrichment and a fascination with our nature in a comfortable, safe and economical.


Promote the Mayan culture and natural wealth, history and culture far and wide where the Maya world in Mexico extends into the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo and the countries of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.